David Moore

David Moore

I am a writer/editor and aspiring author with a high level of editing, writing, communication, leadership and research skills. I possess the proven ability to copy edit, write, fact check, format, calculate and verify numbers/percentages, interview people, perform research, teach and produce something meaningful from scratch.

I've worked in various industries and in a number of team environments, including in support roles. In addition to my identity as a financier, I have had the opportunity to write editorial in other sectors throughout my life. Without saying no to these demands, I tried to expand my range and go beyond the field of finance.

I have experience editing academic course material, financial services/investment copy, valuation/appraisal content, packaging/caution language and marketing/promotional material.

I was on the basketball team when I was in college, but after I got injured, I continued to support the coach and my teammates. I learned leadership skills and continued to coach basketball teams. I've managed young people, and excelled in a number of office cultures.

I’m currently working as a Financial Editor for different digital news channels, with contents about personal finance management and cryptocurrencies. economy