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The up-and-coming artists of the NFT world will make a splash in 2024. Here are some of the notable names from this year:

Ed Balloon: A versatile artist who combines digital art, music, animation and community leadership. With his “Run Ed” collection, he has created an impressive project that combines sound and movement. Ed Balloon also contributes to the NFT community by supporting other artists through the Generational Wealth Fund.

Sasha Stiles: A poet and AI researcher who is redefining the potential of NFT art. She combined traditional art with future technology by selling a poem at Christie’s auction house. She experiments with language processing and blockchain poetry in projects such as “Poemshop”, “Metapoet”, “The Verseverse” and “BINA48”.

Daniel Isles (Dirty Robot): An independent illustrator and comic artist who has gained attention in the PFP market with his project “Renga”. He creates unique NFT artworks inspired by sci-fi, cyberpunk, anime and street culture.

Markus Magnusson: A digital artist and animator known for his bright and fluid animation style. His collections “Invisible Friends” and “Garbage Friends” have earned him a prominent place in the NFT world.

Cath Simard: A well-known artist in the field of wildlife photography and digital art. The artist, who gained attention with the 1/1 NFT sale of her photo Freehawaiiphoto, uses her art to raise awareness for the environment.

Iman Europa: An innovative voice in the world of Web3 music. He was appointed Head of Artist Relations at Sound and gained attention with his successful NFT music project ‘Prouda Me’.

Grant Yun: An NFT artist and medical student who stands out for his artistic approach called Neo-Precisionism. His works such as ‘Cow’ and ‘Citrus’ challenge the notions of art in the digital age.

Emonee LaRussa: Emmy award-winning graphic designer. She has been recognised for the NFTs she designed for the Grammy Awards and for her campaigns for social causes on behalf of JumpStart Designers.

Jack Butcher: A graphic designer known for his minimalist and striking aesthetic. His NFT ‘checks’ have sparked controversy over digital accuracy and perceptibility.

Damien Hirst: One of the most influential names in the world of contemporary art. With his project “The Currency”, he transformed his physical paintings into NFTs and explored themes of value, trust and authenticity in the art world.

For more detailed information and to reach the rising nft artists, you can check out our article.

András Crow-Hreidar

András Crow-Hreidar

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